Chalk Painted Side Tables

Blue Side Tables

Ah yes, chalk paint!   I have had a blast playing with chalk paint.  The two side tables here were my first stab at playing with chalk paint and distressing.  I did lots of reading of course before I started, and I am happy with the results, although I have learned some new things along the way.

I just used the chalk paint for these tables without  adding any water so the paint was pretty thick and it was finished with more of a course texture, which is what I wanted for these pieces.

If you want a more smooth finish, you can see my other post that I did for my end table or hutch.

The nice thing about chalk paint is that it is does not normally need your piece to be primed and it goes on thick, if that’s the look you want.  I do like to make sure to clean my piece with a clean rag and some water and then briefly scuff the piece up.  I know, I know, everyone says you don’t have to do any sanding or anything when using chalk paint, but I just feel there is better adhesion if I do that. Just my preference.

After I scuffed the pieces, I proceeded to paint them with Stillwater Blue by General Finishes.  There is a wonderful store in town, called House to Home in Monroe, WI and they carry the General Finishes products and everyone in the store is so helpful and knowlegeable.  When I walk in that store, I just want to camp out.  All the amazingly cute farm and vintage pieces just make me smile.  I want them all!  If you don’t have a store near you and you would like to by the General Finishes Chalk Paint you can click and purchase the paint through Amazon.

Before picture – lightly scuffed

Okay, so onto the project.  Like I said I made sure the pieces were clean and just a light scuffing with Scotchbright scuff pads.  They are 400 grit in one side and 600 grit on the other side.  I also made sure that all the pieces were tight and not in need of repair.  These end tables were just a couple of old wood nightstands/end tables that we had at the house, so I thought they would be the perfect first victims!

Make sure you thoroughly stir your chalk paint as it can really settle.  It appears almost like a thick clay on the bottom of the can before you get it stirred up.

2 coats chalkpaint

After you get the paint stirred up, I used a nice Home Décor chalk paint brush  to apply the paint.  After the first coat was dry, in about 30 minutes, I applied my second coat.  I let the paint sit overnight.  I knew I wanted to distress the piece and heard of several different ways to do that.  I opted with using a wet kitchen scrubby sponge.   It was actually really fun, and not too tough to get just the right amount of paint off.  It’s easiest if you don’t let the paint set for too long before you do this step.

I thought where the natural wear and tear might be on an old piece like this and used the course side of the wet sponge to take paint off where I wanted it.  I would definitely do this before I waxed the piece, otherwise, you will have more layers that you have to go through to get the look.

painted and distressed

After the piece was thoroughly dry, I used Satin Finishing Wax by General Finishes.   I applied this with a clean rag and removed the excess wax with another rag.  I put two coats of wax on most of the piece, with 3 coats of wax for the top, to help with wear and tear.   I did not use any dark wax for this particular project, however, there are a lot of my other projects that I did use it on and you can see I use that in my other posts. It is probably a good idea about once a year to apply a light coat of wax on the top, depending on how much use they get.

I love these little tables in my bedroom (which is another project that we’re working on).  I am working on getting our little 100 year old farm house converted to all the beautiful neutral colors and plan to go with whites, blues and greys in the bedroom.  This color will be the perfect accent!

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Have any good tidbits on your chalk painting techniques, I would love to hear them!

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