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Before End Table

Well, it’s time again for my next DIY project. I turned this $10 garage sale end table into a cute, warm, country table with just a few supplies.  I absolutely love painting furniture and giving it a whole new life.  There are so many shabby looking wood pieces out there either at garage sales, the local thrift stores or online through places like the Facebook market place and Craigslist, that it’s always easy to find something to play with.

I started by wiping down the project to make sure to get all the dust cleaned off. I then had to sand the top of the table since I wanted to stain it darker. I just sanded it to get the shiny finish off of it so the stain would have something to adhere to. I wanted to try my hand at gel stain and see how I liked the look at how easy or hard it would be to work with.

I started by using the Bone White Chalk paint by General Finishes. I left the top alone at this stage. I like to water down the paint quite a bit as I wanted a smoother finish and the brush strokes not to show as much. I usually just use an old bowl, add some paint and then add the water little by little until I get the consistency that I want.

I learned, when I used to do toll painting, that it is better to apply more thin layers of paint than one or two thick coats. You can always sand a little in between too if you really want a smooth finish. The liquid brings up the grain in the wood a bit and a little bit of sanding can smooth it right out.

I applied 3 layers of the white paint to get the coverage that I needed. Once dry I then applied General Finishes Satin Finishing Wax to the project to begin with, wiping off any excess. I then took my Waverly Antique wax and applied it over the clear wax working on small sections at a time. The dark wax made my project look dirty at first, so I then took the clear wax again, going over the dark wax, and pulled some dark wax off until I got the result I wanted. This leaves the majority of the dark wax in the little grooves and deeper areas on the table and gave it that nice, worn look. I then buffed the piece for a nice shine. I did not do any further distressing as I liked the look after applying the dark wax.

End Table One Coat Java Gel Stain

I then began on the top. I used the Mocha Java Gel by General Finishes.  I won’t go into all of the details for staining the top, but I can tell you that I followed the exact example found here. I found it helpful to watch the video a couple of times and then tackle the project. I finished up the table with Minwax Polycrylic and it did turn out nice, however, I wish I would have used General Finishes High Performance Satin as I did a larger piece later and I actually like the finish better than the Polycrylic. I will say though, the Polycrylic is very easy to keep clean and wipes down with water.

I finished it up by replacing the wooden knob that was on the front with a nice Oil Rubbed Bronze Cabinet Pull.  I found the best price on Amazon and you can buy quite a few at a time so you have some for your next projects.

End Table After

Ta Da…..Here is the finished piece.   I LOVE it!

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