It’s Been A Year!

Wow, I truly cannot believe how time flies.  We are coming up on a year since we moved to our little farm in WI from CO.  It seems like just yesterday we were moving in boxes and making many trips across the county to finally get settled in.  I remember that this time last year we were going crazy making sure that we got everything moved.  It wasn’t just our home items, we have animals too and they, along with all their equipment, had to be moved as well.  I am so glad that that long distance move is behind us at this point!

While it does seem like just yesterday, I look back at the many things that we have accomplished in this first year and the wonderful people that we have met.

Outside of our home, we have made some huge changes including tearing out a very dangerous old silo, changing the lay of the land, working on many outbuildings and finally finishing our amazing garage.  We still have many projects to do or things we want to complete that it seems like we will never get there – but then again I marvel at all the things that we have accomplish in the time frame since we’ve been here.

Spring is in the air now and the smell of the first cut grass is just heavenly.  I marvel at what an amazing beautiful place southern Wisconsin is and thank God every day that he has brought us to this place.

I decided that it would be fun to start a blog and share this journey.