Get Rid Of Rodents

Got Rats?

Now here’s something different for my post  and definitely not something fun to talk about.  While I am all about lovin’ the decorating and upcycling of old furniture, the fact I live on a farm makes it almost impossible not to encounter rodents.

We moved to an old farmstead and have found rats in our horse barn.  After we moved in I saw several spots where the previous owners had put out poison bait for the little pests.   I didn’t want to use poisons since we have cats and dogs and didn’t want the chance for them to ingest any of it either by getting into it or getting to the dead rats themselves.

I have found the greatest and cleanest, easiest way to get rid of rats.  It’s the  Rat Zapper electronic rat trap.  If you want something that is super effective and something you don’t have to touch to get rid of the carcass – let me introduce you to the Rat Zapper Electronic Rat Trap.

This has been an amazing product that does exactly what it says.  I actually used the smaller, mouse version when I lived at another house and had a problem with mice in our basement.  It effectively got rid of all the mice in our basement.

Rat Zapper Electronic Trap

You can use the larger rat trap for both rats and mice.

The biggest difference between the mice and rats as far as getting them into the trap is that mice will easily go into the trap as long as there is some food to tempt them.  Rats, on the other hand, are much more wary and you cannot just put food in it, turn it on and forget it.  Rats do not trust anything new in their environment.  With rats you have to bait it for a few days so that they get used to getting food out of the trap.  Once you can tell they are they are taking the food out of the trap on a steady basis over a few days, turn it on – and the rat gets a nice surprise.

The trap is battery powered and when the rat steps across two of the metal plates on the bottom of the trap, it closes the electric circuit, shocking the rat.  The electric impulse will travel through the rat for 2 minutes, making sure it is gone for good. It works best to set it against a wall where the rats or mice normally travel.  You can see if the trap has an animal in it as a red light will blink.

The food that I found both animals love is peanut butter.  The rats in the horse barn loved our horses grain that has molasses in it, so I would put some in the trap in the far end, and check it everyday.  When I could see that they ate the food a few days in a row, I then turned on the trap – works like a charm!  It’s quick and efficient.    All you have to do is to pour out the carcass and it’s ready to go again.

You can purchase the Rat Zapper trap here.  We had several areas that we wanted to place the traps and found that they were less per unit by buying more than one at a time.

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